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Combats algae and dangerous parasites

Product description

UV lamps used for purification of water of algae and dangerous parasites.

  • an external device, designed to be installed outside of the pond (out of water)
  • 10 m power cord
  • metal casing assuring high durability of the device (versions 15, 30 and 55W)
  • max pond size 50 000 l
  • universal adapter for standard garden hose sizes (ø=1˝, ø=¾˝, ø=½˝ )

Algae eliminators for ponds. Available models: PS 9W, PS 11W, PS 15W, PS 30W, and PS 55W. The housing of the first two models is made of plastic enriched with special additives to protect it from damage caused by UV rays. Apart from exceptional durability, an aluminium housing increases the efficiency of device operation. The inner surface of the housing is polished to a high gloss. As a result, it acts like a mirror. The UV light emitted by the filament sterilisers the water as it passes through it; next, the light is reflected off the inner wall of the housing and re-enters the water for a second pass of sterilisation. In this way, the actual efficiency of the steriliser is increased by as much as 50%! All the AQUAEL sterilisers are equipped with so called fir-tree connectors compatible with hoses of various diameters (in the case of the PS 9 and 11 W sterilisers, the diameter can vary from 1/2 to 1 inch; in the case of the PS 15, 30 and 55 sterilisers, the diameter can vary from 3/4 to 1 1/5 inch) and with 10-meter power cords for convenient connection to the mains. The devices can operate either fully immersed into the pond or out of the water. The AQUAJET PFN 1000 pump is ideally suited to feed the PS 9W and PS 11W sterilisers; the AQUAJET PFN 1500 pump can be used to feed the PS 15-55 W sterilisers.

Versions and parameters

Art. nr.
Pond capacity [L]
Power [W]
Dimensions [cm] (width x depth x height)
Power cord length [M]
Diameter Connections
Working out of the water
Recommended pump
Water Flow l/h
102296 102297
< 10000 < 15000
9 11
39x15x9 39x19,5x8,5
10 10
1/2"-3/4"-1" 1/2"-3/4"-1"
PFN 2000 PFN 3500
2500 3500

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