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WINTERHOT Protects the pond before winter WINTERHOT PRO Winter in garden pond under control WATERLIGHT LED PLUS Save 90% energy ACTI ANTYGLON Help to maintain water clean ACTI AQUACLAR Quick and effective action ACTI FMC Delivered in a handy bottle with a safety cap ACTI POND BASIC Excellent condition and health of fish VERSA GARDEN Modular vertical gardens ACTI POND MIX Excellent condition and health of fish WATERLIGHT QUADRO Multi-colour illumination PFN ECO The new heart of Your pond AQUAJET PFN Universal in use AQUAJET PFN PLUS For big ponds VERSA GARDEN HERBS Grow kitchen herbs at home DEKOR A filter to decorate your pond FOUNTAIN NOZZLES Beautiful oxygenation MAXI Universal pond filters KLARJET Comprehensive filtration and sterilisation of pond KLARPRESSURE The power of filtration KLARJET BASIN Sand filter for swimming pools MECHANICAL Complete purification of water STERILIZER UV PS Combats algae and dangerous parasites

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