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Biologically effective tap water conditioner
Adaptation of tap water for the needs of aquariums, brings heavy metals to a safe form, very efficient.

Product description

ACTI CLEAN is a special water-conditioning product which:

• captures chlorine and its compounds as well as other substances that are harmful to fish;
• binds heavy metals such as copper and zinc by encapsulating them in a special protective layer so that they are no longer dangerous for the inhabitants of the aquarium;
• contains group B vitamins, which protect the mucous coat of fish and reduce stress caused by their moving to a new tank.

ACTI CLEAN protects fish against various diseases and helps them to acclimatise themselves in a new place. In addition, it facilitates the development of a natural beneficial bacterial flora in the aquarium.

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Versions and parameters

Art. nr.
ACTI Clean 100 ml PL/GB/DE/RU ACTI Clean 100 ml FR/ES/SE/IT ACTI Clean 250 ml GB/PL/DE/RU/FR/ES/SE/IT
101251 108072 101253
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