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Natural microorganisms in freshwater aquaria
Rebuilds damaged bacterial flora, oxidizes compounds toxic to fish, added directly to water or to filter cartridges.

Product description

ACTI BACTOL, another water-conditioning product, should be added to the water one day after the application of ACTI CLEAN. It contains live bacterial cultures required to start the natural process of the biological filtration of water. The bacteria colonise the filter media and the substrate and begin to oxidise ammonia, a compound derived from the waste products of fish and other animals that is highly toxic to fish. Ammonia is oxidised first to nitrites and next to nitrates, which are much safer for fish. Thanks to ACTI BACTOL, tank maturation is considerably accelerated, and even a beginning aquarist will easily manage to keep the aquarium water clean.

Versions and parameters

Art. nr.
ACTI Baktol 100 ml PL/GB/DE/RU ACTI Baktol 100 ml FR/IT/SE/ES ACTI Baktol 250 ml GB/PL/DE/RU/FR/ES/SE/IT
101255 108071 101297

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