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Removal of organic pollutants
Sponge filter media in cardboard cartridges

Product description

AQUAEL sponge cartridges are made of carefully selected phenol-free sponge. They ensure efficient mechanical filtration of water by capturing impurities and suspended matter visible to the naked eye. At the same time, they provide a substrate for the growth of nitrifying bacteria for biological filtration.

For optimum performance, cartridges should be regularly replaced. Maintenance should be performed only in the ‘old’ water that has been drained from the tank in the course of water changes.

Versions and parameters

Art. nr.
CARTRIDGE ASAP 300 STANDARD CARTRIDGE ASAP 500 STANDARD CARTRIDGE ASAP 700 STANDARD FZN MINI STANDARD MEDIA PACK (3pcs) SPONGE ASAP 300 STANDARD (2pcs) SPONGE ASAP 500 STANDARD (2pcs) SPONGE ASAP 700 STANDARD (2pcs) SPONGE FAN-1 plus (2pcs) SPONGE FAN-2 plus (2pcs) SPONGE FAN-3 plus (2pcs) SPONGE FAN-mikro plus (2pcs) SPONGE FAN-mini plus (2pcs) SPONGE FZN-1 (2pcs) SPONGE FZN-2 (2pcs) SPONGE FZN-3 (2pcs) SPONGE HIGH DENSITY MULTIKANI 800 SPONGE LOW DENSITY MULTIKANI 800 SPONGE MINI KANI80/120 SPONGE PAT-mini (2pcs) SPONGE PAT-MNI DENSE SPONGE Turbo 500 (2pcs) SPONGE Turbo 1000/1500/2000(2pcs) SPONGE Unifilter 500 (3pcs) SPONGE Unifilter 750/1000 (3pcs) WoolMax Pro
113742 113745 113748 113273 113732 113735 113739 113905 113906 113907 113903 113904 113888 113889 113890 110526 110527 105894 113915 114633 113908 113910 113913 113914 121309

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