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It’s never been so easy!
The ASAP line of innovative internal filters is notable for its simple design. You will have no trouble at all replacing the sponge cartridge or cleaning the filter. To make sure that your aquarium stays beautiful at all times, use separately available filter cartridges with activated carbon or phosphate absorbent. Since the filters can work in shallow water (5 cm deep or more), they are ideal also for aqua-terrariums.
Energy-saving Water aeration Easy to use and maintain

Product description

AQUAEL presents a revolutionary new line of internal aquarium filters.
The ASAP filters combine high performance and great usability features with a clever design that reduces the time required for maintenance works.

The ASAP internal filter consists of a modern energy-efficient motor placed in a stylish housing and a large transparent filter bowl filled with carefully chosen filtration sponge. The sponge is quickly populated by beneficial bacteria, so water passing through the filter undergoes biological as well as mechanical filtration. Thanks to that, it stays clear and safe for the inhabitants of the aquarium. The filter requires two basic types of maintenance procedures. One consists in removing the filter bowl and replacing it with a new one (we offer standard cartridges as well as cartridges with activated carbon or phosphate absorber to prevent the growth of algae). The other involves the rinsing of filtration sponge in water drained from the tank. This operation can be performed without the need to remove the entire filter from the aquarium tank, which is very convenient and significantly reduces maintenance time.

The new ASAP internal filters are also ideally suited for use in aquaterrariums, since they can operate in shallow water as little as 5 centimetres deep. In addition, they effectively oxygenate water in the tank by causing a strong movement of the water surface. There are three models of the filter available, with a capacity of 300, 500, and 700 l/h correspondingly. They are designed for use in aquarium tanks with capacities ranging from a few dozen to 250 litres. Thanks to their functional properties, these filters can be used by beginning and experienced aquarists alike.

Versions and parameters

Art. nr.
Aquarium capacity [L]
Power [W]
Efficiency [L / H]
Dimensions [cm] (width x depth x height)
Complete set (plug&enjoy)
Mechanical media in a set
Can operate in shallownwater / aquaterrarium
ASAP 300 ASAP 500 ASAP 700
113611 113612 113613
< 100 50 - 150 150 - 250
4,2 5,0 6,8
300 500 650
5x7,6x15,4 5,4x8,8x18,6 6,5x9,9x24,4

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