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Why You Should Get Internal Filters for Your Fish Tank?

Water quality is perhaps the single biggest determiner of fish' health. Fish get sick easily if the water in the tank is not up to a certain standard. Sadly, this is true for our normal drinking water especially - while it is generally really good for us humans, the chemicals used to treat the water is deadly for most fish. Tap water is the most commonly used water in aquariums, and even if you bought bottled water, they are still not 100% safe. This is not to mention all the dust and dirt that can accumulate over time from outside sources. If you want an aquarium that’s filled with clean water and healthy fish, filters are necessary.

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That’s why we at Aquael strive to offer you a selection of the best filters on the market. They are appropriately priced, suitable for all tank sizes, and thoroughly tested to ensure consistent and reliable functionality. If you care about your fish’s health, you should definitely think about getting Aquael filters for your aquarium.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which Filter for Fish Tanks is Best?

It entirely depends on the type of fish you have. Some types of fish are really sensitive to the water quality, and the slightest deterioration might cause them to get sick, and others live in muddy water, even. That’s why it is important to do your research before deciding which type of filter is right for your fish. If you have really sensitive fish, you’d really benefit of Aquael’s complete filtration TURBO filter.

What is The Filter’s Job Exactly?

The filter ensures that the quality of water in the aquarium is always high. The water inside the aquariums usually deteriorates in quality quite quickly. Even if you change 10% of the water every week, you need a filter to ensure consistent water quality for your fish. This will keep them healthy and happy. 

Is an Aquarium Filter Really Necessary?

The answer is most likely yes. Even if the water you use to fill your aquarium is extremely clean, filters still are helpful in many ways. They’ll maintain the waters clarity and increase the aquarium’s aesthetic appeal, they’ll reduce the need to constantly clean the aquarium, and you’ll have more time to change the tank’s water. This is aside from the fact that you’ll absolutely require a filter if the water’s quality is subpar.

How to Set Up Filters For Fish Tanks?

To save space, most filters come disassembled in the package, but thankfully, Assembling and installing the filters are just a matter of reading the manual and following the proper procedures. Our products come with detailed instruction manuals that guide you through every step. You won’t need to worry about how to install the filter, be it an internal filter or a canister-filter. 

How Does an Aquarium Filter Work?

The typical filter works by circulating the water inside the aquarium through a high-quality filter media. This process will slowly and eventually filter out all the debris, dust, food leftovers, etc. The main difference between different types of filters is the filter media they use – each having its own advantages and drawbacks. 

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