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The ULTRA HEATER series comprise the first smart aquarium heaters on the market using the SHS system with shatterproof housing. Equipped with precise (±0.25°C) electronic thermostat, built-in thermometer and overheating alarm. Perfect for use in aquariums for water turtles and large fish. They are burn-proof and can be safely installed in tanks with very sensitive organisms.
Small size Easy to use and maintain Undergoes computer-assisted testing Electronic, precise thermostat Intended for continuous operation Built-in thermal switch Water-resistant (IPX8) Perfect for aqua-terrariums

Product description

ULTRA HEATER – The first smart aquarium heaters.
New in 2020 – Smart Heating System*. A microprocessor controller selects the lowest heating power necessary for maintaining the set water temperature in the aquarium. When necessary, the microprocessor increases or decreases the power to maintain the set temperature. Using the Smart Heating System allows for lower temperature amplitude of aquarium water thanks to the more stable operation of the device. In addition, the SHS positively affects the durability of the heating element and the heater’s lifespan.
The heater is programmed using a very convenient ONE-TOUCH system featuring a single button and an LED ring indicating current and set temperatures.
The electronic thermostat offers unique precision of +/-0.25°C, maintaining constant temperature in the aquarium, ensuring thermal comfort for even the most sensitive aquarium species.
Temperature control range from 20 do 33°C makes it possible to use the heater in the treatment of many fish diseases, including the so-called “fish smallpox”.
ULTRA HEATER features also a built-in warning system in case of water overheating in hot weather. Shatterproof plastic housing makes the ULTRA HEATER water heaters perfect for tanks with large, strong fish and even with water turtles. The devices are completely safe and will not cause burns to even such sensitive fish as catfish and rays.
The ULTRA HEATER range encompasses 6 models ranging from 25 to 200 W, and are available in 3 lengths, which allows precise adjustment to aquarium size.
ULTRA HEATER devices are the most advanced products on the market intended for heating water in aquariums.
Heating aquarium water has never been so intuitive and safe. See for yourself!


  • One Touch System – convenient temperature control with one button
  • Built-in thermal switch – the heater is automatically switched off in case of excessive temperature increase in hot weather
  • Fully electronic – no parts of the thermostat are prone to mechanical failure
  • Built-in electronic thermostat – displays current water temperature in the tank using a colour-display
  • Crack-resistant enclosure made of special plastic
  • Precise electronic thermostat (+/-0.25°C)
  • Heater operation and current temperature indicated with colour LEDs
  • Suited for operation in freshwater and saltwater aquariums
  • The ULTRA HEATER deices are manufactured according to the most stringent European safety standards, ensuring safe operation and maintenance.
  • Each unit is tested and calibrated at the AQUAEL laboratory, ensuring precision.
  • Made in Poland

*SHS is available with 75 – 200 W heaters manufactured from the beginning of 2020. In order to check whether the heater is equipped with SHS, check the manufacturing date indicated on the plug.

More about the product

Versions and parameters

Art. nr.
Aquarium capacity [L]
Power [W]
Dimensions [cm] (width x depth x height)
Temperature regulation
Accuracy (°C)
Overheat protection
Fully electronic
Thermometer function
115511 115512 115513 115514 115515 122914
10 - 25 15 - 50 35 - 75 60 - 100 90 - 150 130 - 200
25 50 75 100 150 200
h 16,3 h 16,3 h 20,8 h 20,8 h 27,4 h 27,4
0,25 0,25 0,25 0,25 0,25 0,25
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