If you want to have a variety of fishes in your aquarium, if you don’t want to be afraid of the fish constantly getting sick or dying, and if you want to have a comfortable and appropriate environment, then you need a heater for your aquarium.

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We at Aquanel really care about the quality of your aquarium and want the best for your fish, and that’s why we offer a varied selection of heaters each with its pros and cons that can fulfil all your heating needs.

Ultra Heater’s Pros

Platinum Heater’s Advantages

  •  Each of our Platinum heaters undergoes computer-assisted testing in our laboratory to ensure it meets the highest standards. That’s why you can expect high-functionality and longevity when you buy one of these heaters.
  • Fully electronically controlled with no clunky mechanical parts makes this heater much more efficient to operate. This is one other factor that makes these heaters last longer and safer to use.
  • Fish tank heater compatible with most aquarium sizes: the platinum heater comes in 4 sizes that are suitable for both really small and really big aquariums. No matter the size of your aquarium, you can be sure the platinum heater is up to the task.

Why Should You Choose Comfort Zone Fix

  • Extremely simple: if you want a heater that doesn’t require any maintenance, keeps the water at a certain temperature, and is easy to operate, the Comfort Zone Fix is for you.
  • This heater keeps the temperature at a constant 25 degrees celsius, and the heater automatically turns off when it achieves its goal. That’s why this heater conserves a lot of energy, so you won’t need to worry about increasing your electricity bills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which aquarium heater is best?

It completely depends on the type of aquarium, your local climate, the type of fish, and the size of the aquarium. Some types of fish are more sensitive to temperature than others, and those need more precise heaters. That’s why we compared the advantages of our heaters above so you can get a better idea on which one is more suitable for you.

How many watts should my aquarium heater be?

Again, this also depends on the size of the aquarium and the type of heater you’ll install. Obviously, a smaller aquarium would need less energy to heat, and the larger aquariums require more energy. Typically, in an aquarium between 40 to 80 cm in length, a heater will consume anywhere from 25 to 100 watts.

How do I know if my aquarium heater is working?

Each heater gives you special indicators letting you know it is doing its job. Some will have an electronic display, others a light. If you’re afraid your heater isn’t doing its job properly, it pays to have another thermometer to keep track of the temperature inside the fish tank. That way, you’ll always be sure it is the right temperature.

What heater size do I need for my fish tank?

Heater sizes vary to accommodate fish tank sizes. If your tank’s capacity is anywhere from 10 litres to 25 litres (2-5 gallons), then you’ll probably survive with a small heater. If, on the other hand, you have a large aquarium with a water capacity of 100 litres (25 gallons), you definitely need a larger heater.

Is it necessary to have a heater in a fish tank?

There are a lot of variables that determine whether you need a heater or not, but the answer, most often, is yes. You have to take into account your local climate and your room temperature: does it fluctuate a lot? If yes, you definitely need a heater. Fish are extremely vulnerable to large fluctuations of temperature. The type of fish you want to have in your tank also matters – some fish are hardier than others and can survive in most temperatures above zero, some require a certain temperature.

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