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Silent and efficient
ULTRA FILTER is a range of modern aquarium filters intended for medium and large tanks. Built-in shut-off valve for the hose ensures comfortable use and cleaning. Efficient self-priming mechanism guarantees easy and convenient start-up of the filter. Modern, energy-efficient motor enables exceptionally quiet operation and ensures lower energy consumption. AQUAEL ULTRA filters will be sold at competitive prices in comparison with other, popular ranges of filters available on the market.
Silent operation Energy-saving Carefully selected filtration media Flexible filter configuration High filtration capacity Advanced self priming mechanism Continous performance adjustment Just Plug & Enjoy Integrated cut-off system Easy to use and maintain 2 years guarnree

Product description

ULTRA FILTER is a range of modern aquarium filters intended for medium and large tanks. Thanks to the use of proprietary solutions, they ensure convenient operation and perfectly clean water in the aquarium. They are ideally suited for any type of freshwater tank (general-purpose aquaria, plant, natural, biotope aquaria).
Convenient use – multiple filtering elements and thought-through filter design make it require less cleaning. The built-in shut-off valve for the hoses ensures convenient use and maintenance. Efficient self-priming mechanism (with just one movement of the lever installed in the cover) guarantees easy and convenient start-up of the filter.
Perfect efficiency – high water flow-rate through the filter (up to 1000-1400 l/h) and high filter volume (11-16 l) combined with the high-quality of the filtering elements used make it possible to achieve exceptionally efficient water filtering, event for a 500-litre aquarium. This creates perfect conditions for the culture of aquatic plants and organisms. Any filtering element (biological, mechanical or chemical) can be used with the filter. Capacity control enables easy adjustment of the flow rate for the needs of the aquarium.
Energy efficiency – Modern, energy-efficient motor of the ULTRA FILTER ensures stable water flow through the filtering media and lower energy consumption. Its power consumption is at just 12.9-14.8 W!
Exceptionally quiet operation – ceramic rotor shaft with vibration absorbers and unique design of the pump thanks to our 35-year experience make the filter operate almost inaudibly. This is why the filter can be installed in any room, even in offices or bedrooms.
Polish product – ULTRA FILTER has been designed by an experienced team of Polish engineers. It is manufactured in Suwałki, Poland. This guarantees the manufacturing quality as well as ensures the availability of the warranty and post-warranty service, including complete availability of consumables (filtering media, rotors, seals) and spare parts.


More about the product

Versions and parameters

Art. nr.
Aquarium capacity [L]
Power [W]
Max head [CM]
Dimensions [cm] (width x depth x height)
Diameter of hoses [mm]
Bucket capacity [L]
Basket capacity [L]
Number of baskets [pcs]
Performance adjustment
Adjustment of the direction of the water outlet
Complete set (plug&enjoy)
Built-in pre-filter
Self-priming mechanism
Mechanical media in a set
Biological media in a set
ULTRA 900 ULTRA 1200 ULTRA 1400
122605 122606 122607
60-200 160-300 260-600
12,9 13,9 14,8
160 160 170
27X29X37 27X29X42,5 27X29X48
16/22 16/22 16/22
11 13,5 16
1,9 1,9 1,9
3 4 5
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