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Aquael UK offers traditional glass aquariums, fish bowls, glass cup tanks, and much more. With regular promotions putting some of our most excellent fish tanks for sale, you’ll surely find the aquarium tank that’s excellent for you, your fish, and your house.

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Aquariums are one of the nicest things to have in your home:

These three qualities make fish tanks sound like a really attractive investment for a lot of people, and Aquael fish tanks are the best on the market. Aquael offers the best fish tanks in the UK and all over the world. You’ll find a range of fish tanks from the expensive ones to fish tanks for sale at very affordable prices. If you’ve always thought about getting one, Aquael is the right choice.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Tank Size Do I need for Only Two Goldfish?

Opposite to common belief, goldfish can grow quite a bit, and it is generally a very bad idea to put them in a fish tank. Although, it also depends on the type of goldfish you want to keep as well. The common goldfish grows to very large sizes and needs a tank of at least 100 litres (~ 25 gallons), but fancier more exotic types of goldfish can probably thrive in 60-100 litres (15-25 gallons) tanks.

How Much Does a Fish Tank Cost?

The cost of a fish tank depends on its size, the materials used, and any customizations you want to make. But, Aquael fish tanks are a cut above the rest because they employ modern energy saving solutions, and, due to great craftsmanship, have low maintenance costs.

As a Beginner, What’s the Best Fish Tank Size for Me?

Honestly, as it is extremely easy to maintain fish tanks, you’ll probably be fine getting any size of fish tank. Normally, however, people decide to go with a small fish tank of around 25 litres (5 gallons) and they get some generic species of fish like bettas. This is usually a good idea because those types of fish are easy to maintain and forgiving to mistakes. At the same time, they don’t require a lot of work and are inexpensive. So, you’ll be able to learn the basics and see if you like having a pet fish, and when you decide you like the experience (which is the case for most people), you can upgrade your tank to a larger one and increase the number of fish.

Are Fish Tanks Easy to Maintain?

Fish tanks are quite easy to maintain – you need to clear the outside once a month or so, you need to change around 10% of the tank’s water once every few weeks depending on your filter and fish type, and you’ll need to feed your fish every day. This is the extent of your typical maintenance – comparing this to how much it takes to take care of other pets, you can clearly see that this is easier.

Is It Easier to Maintain Freshwater or Saltwater Aquariums?

Freshwater aquariums are generally easier to maintain – this is not only because there’s less wear and tear in freshwater aquariums and maintenance is easier, but it is also because the typical species that live in freshwater are much more adept to living in aquariums compared to fish that live in saltwater.

Are Glass Aquariums or Acrylic Aquariums Better?

Glass versus acrylic is a question that haunts most novice fish owners. Each type of fish tank has its pros and cons. Glass aquariums generally don’t get a yellow tint over time and stay clear, they don’t get scratched easily, and they are easier to clean. On the other hand, they are also more fragile and easier to break and they are much heavier to move around.

Acrylic aquariums are light, durable to impact and come in varied and colourful shapes – on the other hand, it is really easy to leave a scratch when cleaning them and they are generally more expensive. That’s why you need to decide which type you want based on your needs, but always be sure that Aquael tanks have the best quality on the market.

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