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OptiBent Set Podwodny świat bez granic ULTRASCAPE ZESTAW + SZAFKA Poczuj wolność aranżacji ULTRASCAPE SET Poczuj wolność aranżacji AquaTerrarium Tutaj zaczyna się nasza przygoda ZESTAW AKWARIOWY OPTI SET + SZAFKA Widzisz więcej OPTI SET See more LEDDY XL DAY&NIGHT Make room for your passion SHRIMP SET DAY&NIGHT LED it shine Day&Night LEDDY MINI CREATIVE SET Come, paint your world! LEDDY DAY&NIGHT Aquarium beauty day and night GLOSSY ST Glamour your room GLOSSY Glamour your room LEDDY The set of a future Aqua 4 Classic with a modern twist FISH&SHRIMP SET DUO Small is beautiful NANOREEF DUO For a good start! CLASSIC BOX Perfect for start HEXA SET Practical and original BETTA KIT Aquarium for Betta

Getting the right aquarium set is perhaps the biggest decision you’re going to make in your fish-owning lifetime, and this is due to multiple reasons:

These three reasons make aquarium kits really popular, and our products capitalize and maximize all three advantages to provide you with the best value.

How to Take Care of Fish: A Basic Guide

Taking care of fish isn’t too difficult as far as pets go, but you have to follow some basic guidelines, nevertheless:

  • Not all fish are the same: the requirements of taking care of a goldfish will be far different from the requirements of taking care of a guppy. If you want to ensure you take care of all your fish adequately, do research on every species you have in your tank.
  • The water and food are what fish need to survive, and as such, they are very obviously really important – if you want your fish to not get sick or die and grow up healthy, you should maintain the quality of both the water and the food. Thankfully, you can easily do that by buying food specifically made for fish and installing a filter in your tank.
  • The scenery while looking nice is also important for some types of fish – you want them to feel at home in the aquarium – if it is too barebones, this might reflect poorly on their health.

That’s why we usually advise beginners to buy fish tank starter kits – they have all you need to ensure your fish are healthy and satisfied.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to Set Up a Fish Tank [best starter kit]?

Setting up a fish tank is a bit time consuming but it isn’t really difficult – it is a matter of making sure you have all the elements in place.

  • You start by preparing your tank in the desired location and cleaning it if need be.
  • Next up, you need to add the substrate, plant the plants, add the decorations like rocks and roots, and slowly fill it with water.
  • You then install the filter and heater.
  • Finally, you add the fish after ensuring everything is set up for them correctly.

Where to Place the Filter in a Fish Tank?

This depends on the type of aquarium you have and the type of filter you want to install. Some filters go underwater in the aquarium and others are installed outside. If you decide to buy a kit with a filter included, you’ll find a manual with detailed instructions on how to properly install the filter.

Why Should I Buy an Aquarium Set?

If you’re just starting out, you’ll probably be overwhelmed with all the information out there, and it is really hard to find out how all the aquarium parts get together – an aquarium set helps you avoid all that and have a ready-made tested aquarium sent to your doorsteps.

Why Should I Clean New Aquarium Gravel?

While filters do filter out a lot of the dust, but it is unavoidable that some gravel will start amassing at the bottom of your fish tank over time, and you do need to clean it out – not only because it’ll make your tank look worse, but because it is also detrimental to the health of your fish.

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