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OPTI SET See more OPTI SET CABINET AIRLIGHTS LED An illuminated aerating nozzle ACTI BACTOL Natural microorganisms in freshwater aquaria LEDDY TUBE MINI Lighting for the Leddy Mini kit ACTI MIN Premium mixture of flake food for daily feeding ULTRA HEATER Heating expert FAN Efficient and durable SIMPLE Modern and simple Leddy Slim Hanger Lighting on a higher level GLOSSY Elegant and modern SOCKET link DUO aquarium controller FISH&SHRIMP SET DUO Elegant and modern SHRIMP SET Stylish and modern VOLCANOES Original decoration for the aquarium AERATION TUBING For use in freshwater aquariums ALUDEKOR Elegant look for every day HOSE CLEANER Filter hose cleaner 1.6 m ACTI CLEAN Biologically effective tap water conditioner UNIPUMP Small and efficient AQUARIUMS Traditional glass aquariums THERMOMETER LINK Measures, alerts and stores data in memory Leddy Slim LINK The future is now! ACTI COLOR The basic daily diet of tropical fish FISH BOWLS Ball-shaped tanks LEDDY XL DAY&NIGHT Make room for your passion GRUNT / FLORA Modern aquarium gravels CIRCULATOR The power of aeration ULTRAMAX Filtration expert UNIFILTER UV Power of filtration ULTRAMAX / MAXI KANI MEDIA Customise filtration to suit your needs ARTEMIN Fish food with higher nutritional ACTI GRAN The basic daily diet of tropical fish i granules ASAP It’s never been so easy! BASALT Bazalt aquarium gravels VEGETAL Food for fish and shellfish VENTILATORS Unparalleled on the heat SHRIMP SET DAY&NIGHT LED it shine Day&Night BETTA Fully balanced food for betta fish TURBO Complete filtration LEDDY MINI CREATIVE SET Come, paint your world! LEDDY DAY&NIGHT Aquarium beauty day and night GLOSSY ST Glamour your room GLOSSY Glamour your room ULTRA FILTER Silent and efficient LEDDY The set of a future Aqua 4 Classic with a modern twist FISH&SHRIMP SET DUO Small is beautiful NANOREEF DUO For a good start! BIOLOGICAL Ideal for bacteria CHEMICAL High-performing and ef ficient CICHLID For herbivorous cichlids CichlidGran Energy for Cichlid in granules CLASSIC CLASSIC aquarium lids CLASSIC BOX Perfect for start PLATINIUM HEATER Better than gold FIX 2 Smartly Fixed CRUSTABS Tabletes for shrimps 3-IN-1 AQUARIUM CLEANER Quick and comfortable MAGNETIC CLEANER The ergonomic handle makes cleaning easier MAGNETIC CLEANER 2 IN 1 2 in 1 – scraper and cleaner Aquarium sprinklers Aquarium sprinklers DISCUS VIT Food for discus DOLOMITE Natural dolomite gravels GOLD Heater for specila needs! GoldGran Highest quality granule food for gold fish GOLDVIT Highest quality flake food for gold fish GUPPY Food in flakes for Guppy H.E.L.P. ADVANCED SOIL Japanese aquarium substrate HEXA Practical and unique HEXA SET Practical and original BETTA KIT Aquarium for Betta Air Stones Available in various shapes and sizes NATURAL ROCKS Aquarium rocks for aquascaping GLASS CUP TANK Made of thick, durable, glass AQUA DECORIS Hand-made nano aquariums DRIFTWOOD Available in various shapes and sizes MULTI-COLOUR QUARTZ GRAVEL Modern aquarium substrates NATURAL MULTI-COLOUR GRAVEL Natural multi-colour gravel LEDDY LEDDY aquarium lids LEDDY SLIM Stylish and modern LEDDY SLIM DUO Suitable not only for small aquariums LEDDY SMART SUNNY DAY & NIGHT One light, three different looks LEDDY SMART 2 A new dimension of fishkeeping Leddy Tube RETROFIT Economical and versatile AQUARIUM MATS Made of exceptionally thick foam to provide ideal MECHANICAL Removal of organic pollutants STERILIZER UV AS Pure and safe water MINI UV Long life UV LEDs OXYPRO Hear the silence OXYBOOST PLUS Efficiency of aeration MINIBOOST Small and efficient MOONLIGHT Night lighting for everz aquarium MULTIKANI For increasing needs VERSAMAX Efficient and economic Scissors Easy cropping of plants GRAVEL CLEANER Simple service PAT Mini Tiny turbine filter Tweezers In the straight version and with curved tips QUARTZ SAND Natural aquarium sand CERAMICS Decorative effect guaranteed AQUARISTIC TRADITIONAL BACKGROUND Traditional, double-sided backgrounds ADHESIVE AQUARISTIC BACKGROUND Adhesive, cut backgrounds PLASTIC PLANTS that Look Completely Natural GLASS TUBES Perfect decorative effect FISH NETS A wide range of sizes SPIRUTABS Algae tablet food TERMOMETERS Classic glass thermometers TORTUE Tortue food

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