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LEDDY SMART SUNNY DAY & NIGHT One light, three different looks

What are the Advantages of Getting Aquael’s LED Lighting?

Aquael’s products are available on six continents and in more than forty countries. There is a reason why we have so many partners around the world – our products offer many advantages for fishkeepers:

  • Supports plant growth and highlights their beauty: if you want the plants inside your aquarium to stay healthy and look great, it is important to make sure you install high-quality lighting in your aquarium. Aquael’s LED lights will create the best environment for plant growth in your aquarium. 
  • Technologically advanced and customizable: our lights are developed using the latest manufacturing technologies and include all the features you need to ensure your aquarium looks good and your fish don’t get bothered by the lighting. For example, our Leddy Slim Link is not only remotely controlled and makes it really easy for you to control the volume and the colour of the lights via your phone, easily, but it also offers programmable sunrise and sunset times so your fish have regular daytime and nighttime cycles and stay healthy. This is necessary for shallow water fish as they are sensitive to light, but deep-sea fish are less sensitive to light.
  • A wide selection of lights suitable for all types of aquariums: offering seven types of aquarium lighting, Aquael’s selection is wide and comes in different sizes fulfilling all the needs of most fishkeepers. For example, the Leddy Slim comes in four versions and each of these versions come in two different sizes. Two of the versions are tailored to freshwater fish tanks and the other two make your seawater aquariums look perfect – they are a particularly great option for open aquariums. We hope this illustrates all the different choices you have.
  • Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly: all the lighting products use the latest LED technologies, and LED fish tank lights have been empirically proven to not only be way more energy efficient but to also be excellent agents of growth for corals and other plants. If you want to use lights that save a lot of energy and don’t harm the environment, our products are the way to go.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get Your Products in the UK?

Yes, we have multiple stores across the UK – both in England and Northern Ireland.  So, if you want to get the best aquarium LED lighting in the UK, our stores are the way to go.  

Why Do Freshwater Aquariums and Saltwater Aquariums Require Different Lighting?

The goal of an aquarium is to mimic the natural habitat of the fish: seawater fish and freshwater fish have very different natural habitats and have evolved over millions of years to thrive in them. Due to the differences in the habitats and how light acts in freshwater versus saltwater, you usually need different kinds of lighting for each type of aquarium. That’s why we offer multiple versions of each of our products so they are as suitable as possible and provide the best environment for your fish.

What are the Best Aquariums Lights for Plants?

Choosing the best aquarium lighting for plants is a difficult task: you need to consider the length of the tank, the depth of the tank, the type of plants you want to grow, and the amount of energy the lights use. Generally, everyone agrees fish tank lighting LEDs provide the best environment for plants. Aquael offers products that have been specifically tested to ensure they offer high-quality performance, the best and most conducive-to-growth color temperatures, and reliable intensity.

How Much Should Fish Tank Lights be On in a 24H Period?

Fish tank lights ideally should be on for about eight to ten hours on average: this way you can ensure the plants get all the light they require to grow healthily and your aquarium looks beautiful throughout the day. Although, there are some rare fish and plant types that might require a different setup.

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