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Food in flakes for Guppy

Product description

For over 100 years, guppies (Poecilia reticulata) have had the reputation of being ideal aquarium fish because they are easy to keep. It should be borne in mind, however, that these popular aquarium fish have rather special nutritional requirements. In the wild, they mostly feed on mosquito larvae hatching in the water. For this reason, already in the nineteenth century, they were massively introduced into the waters of many tropical and subtropical regions of the world (the Americas, Africa, and Asia) and even in the temperate zones, becoming a very valuable instrument in the fight against malarial mosquitoes. The good old guppies devoured billions of mosquito larvae, saving the lives of tens of thousands of people, especially those working on major construction sites in harsh tropical climates. If your want your guppies to be fed as naturally as possible, use special frozen foods or ACTI GUPPY.

ACTI GUPPY is manufactured in the form of fine flakes based on aquatic insect larvae. Larvae are subjected to advanced thermal treatment: first, they are frozen to approx. -20° C and next they are dried in special drying ovens at 60° C. Prepared in this way, larvae retain their nutritional values and natural flavour, so they are an excellent raw material for the production of food for guppies. They are much more convenient to use than live larvae, while their edibility characteristics are comparable.

Guppies love ACTI GUPPY. It meets all their nutritional requirements. To ensure optimal coloration, GUPPY is enriched with beta-carotene and astaxanthin. There is also a small addition of natural sea salt. Since guppies often inhabit brackish waters, adding salt to their food has a visible beneficial impact on their condition.

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