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Highest quality granule food for gold fish

Product description

As an aquarium species, goldfish are truly exceptional in that they have been cultivated for hundreds of years. As a result of continuous selection, their internal organs have undergone changes. This has consequences for the physiology of theirdigestion. Therefore, goldfish should only be given highly specialised dry foods, such as GOLDVIT and GOLDGRAN. These products combine the three conditions for keeping goldfish in good health:

•digestibility – due to the impaired functioning ofthe stomach, digestion in goldfish is not as efficient as in other fish species. Therefore, food for goldfish should be easily digestible, so that they can assimilate the necessary nutrients.

•food should be filling – in order to boost the intestine function, food for goldfish has to be both nourishing and filling. For this purpose, it must contain a large amount of fiber and other roughage.

•food should be low in calories – goldfish tend to become overweight. If goldfish are given fatty, high-protein food, they put on weight, and their internal organs, including the swim bladder and liver, become damaged. Therefore, food for goldfish should be as low in calories as possible and predominantly plant-based, so that it would cause a feeling of fullness without providing too many excess calories.

GOLDVIT and GOLDGRAN contain carefully selected colour-enhancing ingredients, vitamins, and minerals that prevent many diseases. GOLDVIT is offered in the form of fine flakes and GOLDGRAN in small granules. For optimal results, goldfish should be fed several times a day in small portions.

Versions and parameters

Art. nr.
GoldGran 100ml GB/PL/DE/RU GoldGran 250 ml FR/IT/ES/SE GoldGran 1000 ml GB/PL/DE/RU/FR/IT/ES/SE
109851 100662 100666

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