Your aquarium can be one of the most enchanting elements to your home’s decor. With the various exotic fish and plant life you can fill it with, it can be a true sight for sore eyes when you need to relax. But there’s actually far more to an aquarium than just that.

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Leddy Slim Hanger Lighting on a higher level SOCKET link DUO aquarium controller AERATION TUBING For use in freshwater aquariums HOSE CLEANER Filter hose cleaner 1.6 m THERMOMETER LINK Measures, alerts and stores data in memory VENTILATORS Unparalleled on the heat 3-IN-1 AQUARIUM CLEANER Quick and comfortable MAGNETIC CLEANER The ergonomic handle makes cleaning easier MAGNETIC CLEANER 2 IN 1 2 in 1 – scraper and cleaner Aquarium sprinklers Aquarium sprinklers Air Stones Available in various shapes and sizes AQUARIUM MATS Made of exceptionally thick foam to provide ideal Scissors Easy cropping of plants GRAVEL CLEANER Simple service Tweezers In the straight version and with curved tips GLASS TUBES Perfect decorative effect FISH NETS A wide range of sizes TERMOMETERS Classic glass thermometers

With fish tank accessories, you can transform your home-based water ecosystem into something truly magical. At Aquael, we carry a vast selection of accessories with practical applications to give you the option to fully customize your fish tank experience. Whether you’re looking for a tool that will help you keep your aquarium well-maintained or something that will make the tank itself a little bit more exciting for you and the fish, you can count on us to give you the product you need.


Designed to ensure that your fish have just the right temperature, ventilators keep aquariums cool even on the hottest of days. They generate cold air movement within the water while keeping the surface on an even level, keeping your fish cool and happy.

Aeration tubing

For use in freshwater aquariums, these tubes are designed to connect aerators to air stones and sponge filters, helping in filling the tanks with water without disturbing the aquarium’s interior.

Hose cleaners

Universal filter hose cleaners are used to clean the insides of hoses and pipes that can be found in canister filters. They are mostly designed to be flexible and thin, making them easy to fit into any type of hose or pipe.

3-in-1 aquarium cleaners

Some tools can perform several jobs well. Such is the case with our selection of 3-in-1 aquarium cleaners which, as the name suggests, can be used for general aquarium maintenance. They can be used for all manner of dirt, including resistance algae and scale deposits, and they’re suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fish tanks.

Magnetic cleaners

Magnetic cleaners are suitable for all types of aquariums. They come in different sizes and their main selling point is that they completely eliminate the need for your hands to come into contact with the aquarium water thanks to the use of magnets. If you’re an owner of a poisonous fish or don’t wish to contaminate the tank with your own germs, this is the cleaner type for you.

2-in-1 magnetic cleaners

These operate in a similar manner to the aforementioned magnetic cleaners, but they come equipped with a scraper for removing the most resistant of dirt. Definitely one of the most versatile aquarium accessories in our offer.

Aquarium sprinklers

If you want to be absolutely sure that the water flowing from your filters is evenly distributed throughout the fish tank, aquarium sprinklers are the accessory for you. They can be installed both underwater and above the surface, increasing the oxygenation of your water, as well as improving the quality of life for your fish.

Air stones

Available in many shapes and sizes, air stones are used to aerate the fish tank. They’re compatible with most other aerators and other aquarium accessories.

Aquarium mats

Protect your aquarium’s bottom with our incredible selection of high-quality protective mats. These come in a number of sizes, making them perfectly suited for most types of fish tanks.


You can now ensure that the ecosystem within your natural aquarium is exactly the shape you desire with our incredible selection of aquarium scissors. Choose between curved and straight to aquascape your fish tank as you see fit.

Gravel cleaners

Keep your gravel immaculate with our selection of universal gravel cleaners. Thanks to a hand-operated pump, cleaning up your aquarium is now made easier than ever.


When it comes to aquarium accessories, professional tweezers, straight or curved, can be an indispensable tool if you want to plant or prune any plants.

Glass tubes

If you want to make sure your filters operate in style, our wide selection of glass cubes is exactly what you need. These work the best with open tanks, so be sure you know what you’re getting into.

Fish nets

Keep your fish safe while you clean out their tank with our incredible selection of fish nets. They come in various sizes, so that fish big and small can be accommodated for.


Keeping the water at the right temperature is one of the most important factors in keeping your fish happy and healthy. Make sure it’s always optimal with one of our dedicated thermometers.

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